Because it is Valentine' Day I wanted to share a special event I attended on the 7th.

It was a Valentine-athon hosted by Gail Rieke and inspired me to make and post 59 handmade Valentine's.

Gail's home was filled with gifted, spirited, and uniquely creative women...each with their own take on Valentine's Day.  Gail has collected and created Valentine's for years...she has suitcases full and displayed them for all to enjoy.

Join me here with some photos of the event and followed my a few of my own Valentines.

Gail busy in Kitchen.

 The Queen of Hearts
(a.k.a. The Love Activist)

Anita, my table mate.

Maggie, a felter.

Sample of Maggie's felting.

Rhae's Valentine to Gail.

A table of talent.

One of several Valentine displays of Gail's.

One of my cards followed by a few more.

So, dear Valentine's wherever you are, start your own Valentine-athon next year.  That's my intent!!!

I close with a 'cheeky' take!

Back in March.