MAY, 2015

As I was traveling for a large portion of the month, this blog will be rather short.  There is inspiration in everything and before I set out to visit family I thought of my life as a child and my first piece is a result.

  "Fish Out of Water"

My parents were unique for the area I was raised in and they gave us free rein to be individuals.  For this I am forever grateful.  In many ways my brothers and I did not fit in to what was considered the norm...this made us strong.

Fish Out of Water

Salmon swim upstream
often casting themselves
 out of the water to spawn.

They are unique.
We are unique.
In being ourselves
we become outcasts.

In some circles
we are considered
fish out of water.

"Finding Direction"
A dear friend of mine retired this last month.  Our work often becomes our identity; so she, as many others before her, is finding 'new direction' in her life.  This piece is dedicated to Lisa.


The tree stands even yet
dispersing acorns
in its elder years.

New life springs from old
and one day
it too will find its way
its way to warm our winters.

In closing, I wish each and everyone of you a happily creative life this month.  It matters not what your creative outlet is...culinary, voice, gardening, etc...they are what makes each and everyone of us unique and creative.