July, 2015

Because I will be leaving tomorrow and will not return until July 3rd, I am publishing the July edition early.

My intention was to present my collection series this month but on the 20th of June I had a 'Gathering of the Goddesses Shrine Party' to honor the Summer Solstice.  So many beautiful works of art were created.  I decided to share them with you instead.

It was a very special day.  Fourteen women gathered to create an homage, an altar or a shrine.

I hope you enjoy their creativity!

I did not have the opportunity to photograph everyone and some shrines were not photographed as they were not completed.


"Goddess of Wild Places"

by Maria Anderson



"To Bee or Not to Bee"

by Maria Anderson

Maria Anderson


"Shrine to Creativity"

by Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

"Bogey Beloved"


Maria D'Agrosa-Sweney

Backside of "Bogey Beloved"


Maria D'Agrosa-Sweney


Judith Duncan


"Goddess of the Blessed Schnitzel"

by Linda Gottlieb

Linda Gottlieb and her sidekick, Josey

"Mother & Matron"

by Barbara Oline

"Diana & Me"

by Marian Jackson

Left to Right:  Linda Gottlieb, Marian Jackson, Barbara Oline

"Shrine to the Release of Stress"

by Chris Fairchild

Chris Fairchild

As we were creating, Chris made the comment "It's

so quiet and we're not eating."


 "Spirit Dwelling"

By Kai Harper


"Ode to Summer Solstice"

by Kathleen Vanderbrook


"Roy Rogers Tribute"

by Mary LaCroix


"Japanese Pilgrimage"

by me...Gayle Montgomery

Kay Pitiglio

 Kay was still working on her shrine...we wish her well.

I hope you have enjoyed the change of pace in this blog.  There is nothing like the camaraderie of

a group of creatives gathering to share a special event.

Until we 'create' again, I will close.

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