JUNE, 2015

Have you noticed how life can get in the way?  Or is it the fact that we just want to accomplish so much and there is not time for it all?  

My goal has been to complete several pieces to share each month but maybe I should be satisfied with what I did complete and am able to share with you.  When I am creative and 'in the zone' I am happy.  That should be satisfaction enough.


"She Devoured Books" 

Most of my friends are avid readers.  I devote this piece to the 'armchair travelers' in my life!


The Inveterate Traveler

Everyday was a new adventure.
She loved travel and she loved her home.
Who says you cannot have both?

One week maybe longer in Vietnam.
Another in the jungles of Africa.
From the time she could read, she began to travel.


"Eyewitness News"


   One of my worst habits is the daily news.  I am an addict!  Whether it is the television, NPR, the NY Times or the Huffington Post, I cannot seem to avoid it.  Are there rehab programs for the likes of me?  Is it merely a desire to be informed or pure habit?


Give Peace a Chance

I miss John.
He would have had the answers.
He wanted to change the world.
His gimmicks were outrageous
but his heart was a peaceful heart.

What is our part
in creating a better world?
Think peace.
Pray peace.
Be peace.
Make peace our daily mantra.
Give peace a chance.


If any pieces are of interest to you, please contact me at:  livingartontheedge@gmail.com

Next month I have an unusual creative goal.  In the stylings of Candy Jernigan, I am going to compile a variety of collections.  It will be a wild and crazy ride...are you ready?