This month as last month, I will delve a bit further into 'inspiration'.  Each aspiring artist has their own take on inspiration.  Instead of sharing my usual artwork, I am going to present "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"  - 15 minute collages I have committed to doing every day for a year.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are ugly, yes, but doing this keeps the creative juices flowing and the inspiration does come.

Before sharing these pieces, I would like to introduce another artist, Noah Scalin, who has published a book "Skull-a-Day".  His website is www.SkullADay.com and he has also published other books encouraging others to initiate their own year long project.  His project was far more complex than mine and I think you will enjoy his book.

Another artist I discovered through my friend, Kathleen, is very inspirational.  Her name is Leighanna Light and her website is www.leighannalight.comShe delves in Mixed Media and and Bookarts.  I was quite taken by her work.

The following collages are a few of my year long project.   I used bits and pieces of collected ephemera to create them.  I do confess that sometimes they took me longer than 15 minutes but 15 minutes was my goal.

If you are lacking inspiration, set a goal and do not concern yourself with the results.  The late, great Andy Warhol quoted the following "Don't think about making art, just get it done.  Let everyone decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.  While they are deciding, make even more art."

This philosophy is in synch with my own "Just do it!"



- "Audacious:  Contemporary Artists Speak Out"  at the Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado through February 26th, 2017.

- "Small is the New Big" at the Nisa Touchon Fine Arts Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico begins April 15th.  Also, check out their Collage Museum.

- Tansey Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico presents Lesley Richmonds solo exhibition of exquisite cotton, silk and mixed media creations April 8th - 29th.

- Vivo Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico new show "Giving Voice to Image" - a melding of prose, poetry and art begins April 5th - 30th.

- Hulse Warman Gallery in Taos, New Mexico features Robbie Steinbach's "Surface Tension" through April 24th.

- Taos Shortz Film Festival will be held at the TCA, Taos, New Mexico April 7th - 10th. 

- "Art Speaks:  Taos Pueblo Artists" - 7th annual self-portrait exhibit will be at the Encore Gallery of the TCA in Taos, New Mexico from April 28th through June 5th.

- "Charles Berninghaus: Artist, Son, Visionary" runs April 15th through October 9th at the Taos Art Museum in the Fechin House in Taos, New Mexico.


- The Salvadore Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida continues "Disney and Dali:  Architects of the Future" through June 12th.

- New York's MOMA continues "Jackson Pollock: A Collection Survey, 1934-1954" through May 1st.  Also, "Edgar Degas:  A Strange New Beauty" continues through July 24th.

- The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston continues "Visiting Masterpieces:  Pairing Picasso" through June 26th.

- The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona continues "Stradivarius: Origins and Legacy of the Greatest Violin Maker" through June 5th.

- The Broad Museum in Los Angeles continues Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirror Room" throughSeptember 20th.

- Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles continues "Modern and Contemporary Work" through April 30th.

- Muriel Guepin Gallery in New York City features the work of Susanna Bauer through April 16th.

- The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco feature the meticulous bamboo weavings of Fujitsuka Shosei from April 5th through 10th.

- The Royal Academy of Arts in London, England continues "Painting the Modern Garden:  Monet to Matisse" through April 20th and "Ai Weiwei 360" through November 20th.

- The Saatchi Gallery, London, England presents "Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones" from April 4th through September 4th featuring works by Warhol, Shepard Fairey, Alexander McQueen and more.

- London's Newport Street Gallery presents Jeff Koon's solo exhibit "Now" from May 18th through October 16th.

- The National Gallery, London, presents "Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art" through May 22nd.

- Galerie Kronsbein, Munich, Germany presents Banksy's first solo show in that country from April 14th through September 10th.



- Check out the art of Mark Powell at www.saatchiart.comMark uses vintage envelopes and maps to create these intriguing works of art.

- Using leaves, stones, wood and embroidery Susanna Bauer creates delicate and wondrous works of art.  Her website is:  www.susannabauer.com

- "Mapplethorpe:  Look at the Pictures" premieres April 4th on HBO.

- Wow, wow, wow!  Iris Scott fingerpaints beautiful art...www.irisscottfineart.comYou won't believe it.

- Available on Netflix "Raiders of the Lost Art" -  uniquely informative.

- Nick Bantock's final volume in the Griffin and Sabine series "The Pharo's Gate" has now published.  Mine is on order!!!

- Sotheby's Institute of Art offers online courses placing the art world at your fingertips.



 I leave you with one more quote:  "Every day of that year, I had to have a new experience, find something new in my environment, create something unique, and thus I lived much more engaged in the present than I ever had before."


You may contact me any time at livingartontheedge@gmail.com or view my artwork at www.thefullcirclestudio.com

Have a wonderful April!