The lovely month of May has arrived!  Flowers are budding or in full bloom and hearsay has it that many of my artistic subscribers are putting their talents to work.

Jana Bennett in Missouri is working at establishing a commercial kitchen to create her culinary delights, Linda Taylor in Missouri is taking her art and her jewelry creations to her local farmer's market this June, Cheryl Fosmo of New Mexico has created yet another Garden of Eden, Kai Harper in Penasco is writing a book of her wonderful culinary treats and treating us also with her adventures in life.  She is also a wonderful artist.  Loretta Nichczynski has her photography and paintings at a local coop and our visitors center.  Ah, the wonderful world of creativity. 

I mention these various aspects of creativity so everyone can find their niche and find fulfillment...we are not limited to painting as an art form.  Art has no limits...nor do you!  We are born to create!!!

Now for my monthly artwork which is followed by exhibitions including local, national and international...and please check out the "Must Not Miss" section for items to inspire.













- "Samurai" at the Denver Art Museum through June 5th.

- "20 Years/20 Shows" at Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico through May 22nd.

- "Giving Voice to Image" at Vivo Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico through May 30th...complete with poetry readings.

- "Carol Coates:  Solo Exhibition" at Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico from May 13th through June 5th.

- "Freedom in Music Project" at Mariposa Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 6th through May 31st.

- "Ugly Pie:  Works by Gabriel Abeyta" at 555, Taos, New Mexico from May 14th through June 11th.

- "Modern Art in Taos: The Second Chapter" at 203 Fine Art, Taos, New Mexico from May 14th through June 30th.

- "Mabel Dodge Luhan and Company:  American Moderns of the West" at the Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, New Mexico from May 22nd through September 11th.



- Lauren Mantecon's "Shape Shifting" at Mark Wooley Gallery, Portland, Oregon through May 15th.

- "The Masters of Color:  Miro, Matisse, Chagall" at Galerie Michel, Beverly Hills, California through May 14th.

- "Picasso" at Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, California through May 27th.

- " Moses at 90" at Wm. Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, California through June 25th.

- Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirror Room", The Broad Museum, Los Angeles, California through Autumn, 2016.  (Word of mouth has it that this is an ethereal experience).

- "Robert Maplethorpe", Los Angeles County Museum of Art through July 31st and "Agnes Martin" through September 11th.

- "Passages in Modern Art:  1946-1996" at the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas through May 28, 2017.

- Robert Motherwell: The Art of Collage", Paul Kasmen Gallery, New York City through May 21st.

- Cornelia Parker has created a replica of Hitchcock's "Psycho" house atop the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City through October 31st.  The house is a 30 foot fabrication.

- "Edgar Degas:  A Strange New Beauty", MOMA, New York City through July 24th.



- "Stumbling Pioneers" featuring the works of Jules de Balincourt, Victoria Miro Gallery, London, England. (Love color?  This is your show).

- "Exhibitionism:  The Rolling Stones", Saatchi Gallery, London, England through September 4th.

- "Ai Wei Wei 360" continues at the Royal Academy of the Arts, London, England through November 20th.

- "Conceptual Art in Britain:  1964-1979", Tate Modern, London, England through August 29th.

- "Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art", The National Gallery, London, England through May 22nd.

- "Delacroix as a Model", Louvre, Paris, France through August 1st.

- "Andy Warhol:  Shadows", Gugenheim, Bilbao, Spain through October 2nd.

- "From Kandinsky to Pollock", Gugenheim, Florence, Italy through July 24th.



- Kai Harper renowned for her culinary adventures at Sugar Nymphs in Penasco, New Mexico now has a website featuring all her whimsical, colorful paintings:

- Check out Pichi and Avos murals of Greek gods against the chaotic backdrop of graffiti:   (They give Banksy a run for the money).

- Hot!  Hot!  Hot!  Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico...great programs and wild art!

- Google Edoardo Tresoldi.  He resurrects in wire mesh towering cathedrals and miscellaneous architecture.

- David Kracov's book sculptures leave me with my mouth wide open:

- Bet you didn't know that Harvard University's Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies houses a collection of over 2500 pigments.

- Netflix now has an extraordinary documentary about the concert pianist turned piano instructor, Seymour Bernstein.  Be sure to watch "Seymour" - it is one of the most profound docs I have seen in many years.

- Calvin Nicholls creates with paper at:  www.calvinnicholls.comHis constructions are mind-blowing.

- Are you an insomniac?  Composer, Max Richter has released an eight hour opus "Sleep".  It may be worth the try.

- Nick Bantock has completed a follow up to the Griffin and Sabine series titled "The Pharo's Gate: The Lost Correspondence of Griffin and Sabine".  The story is intoxicating and, as always his artwork almost makes me drunk with pleasure.

- YouTube has a 3 part documentary on Jean Michel Basquiat "Basquiat Documental (Documentary)"  You must scroll to find the 3 parts as they are not in order.


Until next month, I leave you with a quote from Seymour Bernstein.  "I never knew with my two hands I could reach the sky."

Please visit my website to view all my artwork at: