Last month I wrote about the artist's muse.  Muse is defined as "a person or personified source who is the source of inspiration for the creative artists".  What was your source this month?

Mine was cats!  For those of you that know me, this will come as no surprise. 

Every autumn the Taos Feral Feline Friends of Taos, New Mexico have a fundraiser and there is a silent auction.  I usually do cat-oriented greeting cards for the auction but decided to do art pieces this year and the following are the 3 pieces I have done for this year's auction.

"The Cat of Many Moons"

"The Cat of Many Moons"

"By the Light of the Silvery Moon"

"By the Light of the Silvery Moon"

"Fish Tales"

"Fish Tales"

Only time will tell what my muse this next month will be but it is intriguing to follow the siren's call of our muse to find where it leads us.  We can have many muses...Picasso had as many as he had women.  I am not suggesting to follow in his footsteps but enjoy your muse, pander to it and watch your creativity blossom and grow. 

"The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is - it's to imagine what is possible."  - Bell Hooks.



- Do you like oddities?  The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities" of London, England will satisfy the palate of any & all curiosity seekers.

- Retail history has had a lot of flops...the Museum of Failure can be viewed at to see the biggest flops immortalized.

- Musee Camille Claudel opened last month in Nogent-sur-Seine, France and features 43 of the artist's sculptures.

- Two new cookbooks to pique your interest and your appetite:  "Fat Brad" features recipes of meals Brad Pitt has eaten on the silver screen and "Dinner with Georgia O'Keeffe" which is filled with meals inspired by the artist's passion for food.

- Another artist that is in one of my Facebook art groups is Marc Deb. His work may be viewed at:



- "Basquiat before Basquiat" continues through May 7th at the Denver Contemporary Art Museum, Denver, Colorado.

- "Shockwave" (Japanese fashion of the 80's and 90's) continues at the Denver Art Museum, Denver Colorado through May 28th.

- "Giving Voice to Image" continues at Vivo Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico through May 15th followed by "Coexisting Realities" from May 17th - July 11th.

- "From Pen to Paint" the artwork of Ken O'Neil continues through May 11th at the Taos Community Auditorium, Taos New Mexico.

- "Flight of Wind" a dedication to the life work of Ted Egri will be available for a 3 day only viewing at the Taos County Courthouse, Taos, New Mexico from May 19th through 21st.



- Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville, Arkansas presents "Chihuly: In the Gallery and In the Forest" through November 13th.

- "Chihuly" continues through October 29th at the New York Botanical Garden, New York City.

- "Firda Kahlo and Diego Rivera" continues through August 20th at the Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.

- "Marcel Duchamp Fountain: An Homage" continues through May 26th at Francis Naumann Fine Art in New York City.

- "Matisse and Diebenkorn" continues through May 29th at MOMA in San Francisco, California.



- The 2017 Festival of Textiles ends May 7th at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London, England.

- "David Hockney" continues at Tate Modern, London, England through May 29th.

- "The Beguiling Siren in Thy Crest" continues at MOMA, Warsaw, Poland through June 18th and features works of Picasso, Bourgeois, and Tillmans.


In closing, I leave you with a quote from Martha Graham "You draw from memory, from your understanding of life and others' understanding.  All you've read and absorbed falls like a jewel into your being". 


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