"It is not the world we live in that counts; it is the way we live in the world that is important." - Manly P. Hall

Artist's respond to the world around them.  We all have our muses but there is also chaos.  Creating out of chaos can often produce our most relevant art. 

In my lifetime I never remember experiencing so much chaos in our world and have found that I can endure it all by creating. 

The pieces I present to you this month are what I consider 'happy pieces'.  They have helped me rise above the chaos and instead fill my life with joy.

"I Left My Heart"

"I Left My Heart"

"A Traveler's Chapbook"

"Feeling Lucky"

"Feeling Lucky"



- There is a new art documentary that may surprise you. "Pope Francis:  My Idea of Art".

- Is your form of creativity sewing?  There are over 83,500 vintage sewing patterns available online by googling 'Vintage Patterns Wiki".

- In Kassel, Germany a replica of the Parthenon has been constructed from 100,000 banned books and is on view through mid-September.

- There is a plethora of good reads out there, but have you read the following art books?  "The Mistress of Paris" by Catherine Hewitt, "Botticelli's Muse" by Dorah Blume and "After Andy:  Adventures in WarholLand" by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni.



- "Community" @ Vivo Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico continues through September 5th.

- "Mirror, Mirror: Photographs of Frida Kahlo" continues through October 28th at the Spanish Colonial Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

- "Patron and Painter:  Alyce Frank Collects Taos" is on view through September 1st at Taos Town Hall, Taos, New Mexico.

- "El Ano Pasado" the fabulous photographs of Lenny Foster is the latest exhibit at Magpie Gallery, El Prado, New Mexico through August 30th.



- "Dennis Hopper:  The Last Album is on view through September 1st at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles.

- "Agnes Martin" continues through September 11th at LACMA in Los Angeles.

- Continuing through August 20th at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona "Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera".

- "Eloise at the Museum" is at the New York Historical Society through October 9th features illustrations of the all famous Eloise by Hilary Knight in New York City.

- "Calder: Hypermobility" continues through October 23rd at the Whitney in New York City.



- Jytte Kjaer will be exhibiting at the Castle (Castello Sefalo Diana Palermo) in Sicily, Italy from August 16th through 21st. 

- A solo exhibit of Goth artist, Susan Illingworth's "Fragments of Wunderkammer" will be featured at Tacit Contemporary Art in Abbotsford, Australia.

- "Matisse:  Painting. Sculpture, Drawings, Prints" continues at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, England through September 16th.

- "Hokusai:  Beyond the Great Wave" is on view at the British Museum, London, England through August 13th.


If you need a creative cure for the chaos, go to your studio and make art.  Go to your kitchen and create a fabulous dish.  Go wherever your creativity takes you.

"The very nature of creation is not a performing glory on the outside; it's a painful, difficult search within." - Louise Nevelson

Until September...create!