Working in series is one of my favorite methods of creating.  Thus far, I have done "The Antiquity of Memory" series, "Love is a Four Letter Word" series, "The Safari" series, and this month I present "Fictional Histories" series.

An inspiration can form into an idea and that idea can develop into a series.  This has happened to me many times.  I keep a book of ideas.  Sometimes I use them and at other times they fall to the wayside.  Regardless they are there for me to consider and allow them to grow like the branches of a tree.

This month's series was inspired by a piece I saw at the Millicent Rogers Museum Miniature Show in Taos, New Mexico.

Go with the flow!

...and the following are the pieces thus far in my "Fictional Histories".


"Beauties of Yesteryear"

"Our House is a Very Fine House"

"Our House is a Very Fine House"

"In Search of Freya"

"In Search of Freya"

"Yesterday When I Was Young"

"Yesterday When I Was Young"

All these pieces are mixed media on antique book covers.



- April is poetry month.  Write a poem, a haiku, or a prose!

- Check out the organic mandalas of Shona Wilson at www.shonawilson.com

- Want to be wowed?  Go to YouTube and type 'TV Show Liquid Painting' in the search engine.

- Russia had their own version of Vivien Maier.  Her Name was Masha Ivashintosova.  Over 30,000 photos were found in her attic.  To view:  www.Mashivashintsova.com



- Diego Rodriquez-Warner "Honestly Lying" continues through May 13th at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado

- "Degas: A Passion for Perfection" continues through May 20th at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado

- "Giving Voice to Image 6" continues at Vivo Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico through May 15th

- Robbie Steinbach's "Geometry of Spirit" continues through May 13th at the Taos Inn, Taos, New Mexico

- The Encore Gallery located in the Taos Community Auditorium in Taos, New Mexico continues "Art of NonViolence" created with courage by local students through April 2nd followed by a pop-up show "Love Who You Are, Love Who You Want" from April 2nd through April 5th.

- Continuing at the Harwood Museum of Art through May 13th is the extraordinary exhibit titled "Work by Women" in Taos, New Mexico



- The Oregon Jewish Museume presents "Vedem: The Underground Magazine of the Terezin Ghetto".  During WWII imprisoned Jewish teens used graphics, drawings, paintings and prose in Vedem.  The magazine was the longest running, secretly written magazine in a Nazi Concentration Camp. This exhibit runs through May 27th.

- The Broad in Los Angeles has yet another Yayoi Kusama infinity room debut "Longing for Eternity" and Jasper Johns "Something Resembling Truth" running through May 13th.

- The Pace Gallery in New York City presents David Hockneys "Something New in Painting, & Photography, & Even Printing" from April 5 - May 12th.

- "Marlene Dietrich: Dressed for the Image" is featured at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. through April 15th.



- "Klee in Wartime", the works of Paul Klee on view at Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland through June 3rd.



The late, great Georgia O'Keeffe shared her ideas for creating: (1) Observe the world around you, closely, hungrily, (2) Organization is key to productivity, (3) Don't sweat mistakes, learn from them and (4) Pay no attention to trends - be yourself.

You may contact me anytime at:  livingartontheedge@gmail.com

My available work can be viewed at:  www.thefullcirclestudio.com