The art world has experienced many movements: Abstraction, Dada , Pointilsm, Fauvism, Impressionism, Realism, etc. So many to name. More recent art movements include Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and Art Deco and even more recent Bookarts, Mixed Media, Assemblage, and Collage.

The artist, Paul Klee, a Swiss German, had a highly individual style and was influenced by more than one. These included expressionism, cubism, abstraction and surrealism. Maybe your artwork is influenced by many movements.

To learn more about the art movements over the centuries GOOGLE is a great place to start. Books are lovely but can become expensive. To further your knowledge, choose an artist from each to view their work.

Dada, Bauhaus and Art Deco are among my passions. I determined that the month of February I would challenge myself and choose one of the movements to express myself. You may wish to do the same. If you choose to do so, I would love to use them in the March blog. Just email them to me at: livingartontheedge@gmail.com. Also, give me permission to use them in the blog. Please place ‘Art Movements’ in the reference line. Also, let me know what movement or movements influenced the art.

The challenge is on!

Now for your viewing pleasure, two pieces I completed this month which I would label ‘Abstraction’.


“Ode to Modern Man”

“Ode to Modern Man”





  • Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, creates giant wood sculptures and hides them in Copenhagen’s forest. These may be viewed at his website: https://thomasdanbo.com/sculptures.com

  • Although she doesn’t have a website, simply enter into Google or Bing: ‘Betsy Walton artist” to view her beautiful artwork.

  • Check out the collages of the late, great Valerie Roybal at: www.valerieroybal.com

  • Are you a nature lover? If so you will love the work of Tiffany Bozic at: www.tiffanybozic.com


  • The Albuquerque Museum of Art continues “From Calder to Chicago”.

  • “State of Play” continues through March 11th at Vivo Contemporary through March 11th in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • The David Anthony Fine Art gallery in Taos, New Mexico continues “Kate Rivers with New Works” through September 22nd.

  • The Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico presents two interesting exhibits that begin February 9th - May 12th. “Birds of Appetite: Alchemy and Apparition” works by Izumi Yokoyama and Tasha Ostrander. Also, “Linda Bengus: Bird’s Nests”



  • Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas presents “Men of Steel; Women of Wonder” from February 9th -22nd.

  • The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York presents the largest U.S. Frida Kahloexhibit in ten years from February 8th through May 12th.

  • The fine work of fellow artist and friend from Kyoto, Japan will be on view Los Angeles Fine Print Fair February 1-2 then at the Bay Area Fine Print Fair in Berkeley February 9-10.

  • “Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now” on view at the Gugenheim in New York City through January 25th, 2020.

  • San Francisco’s MOMA continues through April 14th “Paul Klee and the Prinzhorn Collection through April 14th.



  • The Montreal Museum of Art in Montreal, Quebec, Canada continues “Calder: The Mobile World as a Radical Inventor” through February 7th.

  • “Picasso: The Sculptor” continues at Galleria Borhese in Rome, Italy through February 3rd.

  • “Warhol 1968” continues at Moderna Miseet in Stockholm, Sweden through February 17th.

  • Through March 23rd, The Atkinson in Southport, England the works of Robert Maplethorpe’s photography.


Choose an art movement, try the challenge and come-what-may!


You may contact me anytime at: livingartontheedge@gmail.com

My artwork may be viewed at: www.thefullcirclestudio.com