AUGUST, 2015

July has been an interesting month.  I continue to experiment with different aspects of creativity.

Another venture is to find interesting ways to present my blog to feed your curiosity.

- This month's blog will include artist events both locally, nationally and internationally.

- A piece I had set aside for more inspiration has finally come to fruition in the form of "Let There Be Peace".

- A new collage titled "A Simple Life" was created without the use of adhesives.  Instead, primitive embroidery stitches were used to adhere the papers.  This piece was inspired by the Japanese artist, Junko Oki.

- Two pieces in my "Collection Series" are now completed.

I hope you enjoy what follows as much as I did creating it.



They are strong and I admire their ability to stand in the face of fear without a waiver.

If I were not consumed with apathy would I be able to make a difference?

Or would I run and hide?

Life is too short to sit back and let the world pass me by.  Shall I take a risk as those before? 

The time is now to test my strength and try to stand strong.

  A small effort is better than none.






Contemporary life can lead to emptiness...a void.  Humanity is drained from the human spiritand overcome with the nothingness.  All hope can vanish and without hope there is nothing.

With effort, the spirit can be renewed and revitalized.  

A difference can be made.













- July 31 - August 2 - "Collector of Memory" - an open studio at the home of Gail Rieke in Santa Fe, New MexicoHours are 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day.  Email Gail at for directions.

- Through August - Zachariah Rieke will be showing at the Wade Wilson Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

- August 5 - 31 - Kai Harper and Joel Lage will have a pop-up show at the old post office next to the general store in Truchas, New Mexico.  Opening reception is Sunday, August 9 at 4 p.m.  The gallery will be open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily with the exception of being closed on Tuesday.  Kai will be showing her dream-sequence acrylics and Joel will be showing his acrylics on cardboard.

- Through August 9 - "Killer Heels - The Art of the High Heeled Shoe" will be on exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexcio.



- Through September 27, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, England presents "Wanderlust" an exhibit of collages and boxes created by the late, great Joseph Cornell.

- Through September 7,  Yoko Ono's "One Woman Show, 1960-1971 is available for viewing at MOMA in New York City.

- Through October 19, Jeff Koons "A Retrospective" will be shown at the Whitney in New York City.



Taschen books has published "The Art of Burning Man".  Photographs by Canadian photographer, N.K. Guy covering the Burning Man event in Nevada from 1998 to 2014.



My website is now available for viewing and the monthly blog will also be available on the website at

Please check it out.

Until next month, C-R-E-A-T-E!




July, 2015

Because I will be leaving tomorrow and will not return until July 3rd, I am publishing the July edition early.

My intention was to present my collection series this month but on the 20th of June I had a 'Gathering of the Goddesses Shrine Party' to honor the Summer Solstice.  So many beautiful works of art were created.  I decided to share them with you instead.

It was a very special day.  Fourteen women gathered to create an homage, an altar or a shrine.

I hope you enjoy their creativity!

I did not have the opportunity to photograph everyone and some shrines were not photographed as they were not completed.


"Goddess of Wild Places"

by Maria Anderson



"To Bee or Not to Bee"

by Maria Anderson

Maria Anderson


"Shrine to Creativity"

by Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

"Bogey Beloved"


Maria D'Agrosa-Sweney

Backside of "Bogey Beloved"


Maria D'Agrosa-Sweney


Judith Duncan


"Goddess of the Blessed Schnitzel"

by Linda Gottlieb

Linda Gottlieb and her sidekick, Josey

"Mother & Matron"

by Barbara Oline

"Diana & Me"

by Marian Jackson

Left to Right:  Linda Gottlieb, Marian Jackson, Barbara Oline

"Shrine to the Release of Stress"

by Chris Fairchild

Chris Fairchild

As we were creating, Chris made the comment "It's

so quiet and we're not eating."


 "Spirit Dwelling"

By Kai Harper


"Ode to Summer Solstice"

by Kathleen Vanderbrook


"Roy Rogers Tribute"

by Mary LaCroix


"Japanese Pilgrimage"

by me...Gayle Montgomery

Kay Pitiglio

 Kay was still working on her shrine...we wish her well.

I hope you have enjoyed the change of pace in this blog.  There is nothing like the camaraderie of

a group of creatives gathering to share a special event.

Until we 'create' again, I will close.

You may find me on Pinterest and soon an updated website.

Contact me anytime at: 

JUNE, 2015

Have you noticed how life can get in the way?  Or is it the fact that we just want to accomplish so much and there is not time for it all?  

My goal has been to complete several pieces to share each month but maybe I should be satisfied with what I did complete and am able to share with you.  When I am creative and 'in the zone' I am happy.  That should be satisfaction enough.


"She Devoured Books" 

Most of my friends are avid readers.  I devote this piece to the 'armchair travelers' in my life!


The Inveterate Traveler

Everyday was a new adventure.
She loved travel and she loved her home.
Who says you cannot have both?

One week maybe longer in Vietnam.
Another in the jungles of Africa.
From the time she could read, she began to travel.


"Eyewitness News"


   One of my worst habits is the daily news.  I am an addict!  Whether it is the television, NPR, the NY Times or the Huffington Post, I cannot seem to avoid it.  Are there rehab programs for the likes of me?  Is it merely a desire to be informed or pure habit?


Give Peace a Chance

I miss John.
He would have had the answers.
He wanted to change the world.
His gimmicks were outrageous
but his heart was a peaceful heart.

What is our part
in creating a better world?
Think peace.
Pray peace.
Be peace.
Make peace our daily mantra.
Give peace a chance.


If any pieces are of interest to you, please contact me at:

Next month I have an unusual creative goal.  In the stylings of Candy Jernigan, I am going to compile a variety of collections.  It will be a wild and crazy ride...are you ready?


MAY, 2015

As I was traveling for a large portion of the month, this blog will be rather short.  There is inspiration in everything and before I set out to visit family I thought of my life as a child and my first piece is a result.

  "Fish Out of Water"

My parents were unique for the area I was raised in and they gave us free rein to be individuals.  For this I am forever grateful.  In many ways my brothers and I did not fit in to what was considered the norm...this made us strong.

Fish Out of Water

Salmon swim upstream
often casting themselves
 out of the water to spawn.

They are unique.
We are unique.
In being ourselves
we become outcasts.

In some circles
we are considered
fish out of water.

"Finding Direction"
A dear friend of mine retired this last month.  Our work often becomes our identity; so she, as many others before her, is finding 'new direction' in her life.  This piece is dedicated to Lisa.


The tree stands even yet
dispersing acorns
in its elder years.

New life springs from old
and one day
it too will find its way
its way to warm our winters.

In closing, I wish each and everyone of you a happily creative life this month.  It matters not what your creative outlet is...culinary, voice, gardening, etc...they are what makes each and everyone of us unique and creative.




APRIL, 2015

My inspiration this month has come from the late, great Lenore Tawney.  She was a fabric artist but also worked in collage.   Her friends were gifted with unique postcards and many of these can be viewed in the book "Signs on the Wind".

To add more interest I have written small pieces of prose to accompany my artwork for April. 


Vocal music was my major in college and my Composition professor had us write a piece...I decided to write an 'etude' much to my own demise.  I worked and re-worked the piece  then out of frustration I tore it into small pieces and threw it out my dormitory window out of frustration.


It came in bits and pieces.
A rejection.
A failure.
Try again.
But then it came undone.



Especially in the warmer months I hear the pleasurable sounds of the children at play next door.  It fills my heart with joy; yet sadness for too soon these days pass.


Small voices.
Playful chatter.
A world filled with wonder.
Let me shout "Carpe diem". 



Every life is filled with choices and one simple decision can change the direction of an entire life.


A right here; a left there.
Forks in every road.
Lives forever altered.



Recently I attended the Taos Shortz Film Festival.  Film among many other things is a form of language.  Actions truly can say more than words.  This piece was inspired by the festival.


Cave drawings,
silent films,
the written word.
Language has many forms.
Then comes the interpretation. 


I hope you have found some inspiration here to make your lives more creative.  Creativity is found in various forms; so find yours and make your world a better place.

Until May!  Gayle

You can reach me at:







This month I have been experimenting with transfer methods.  I have used a variety of resources and my favorites are:

Jonathan Talbot's "Collage:  A New Approach" and "Acrylic Image Transfer"

Darlene Olivia McElroy & Sandra Duran Wilson's "Image Transfer Workshop" and "Surface Treatment Workshop"

Claudine Hellmuth's "Collage Discovery Workshop"

All are absolutely wonderful references, but I especially like Jonathan Talbot's method as you end with a piece of artwork with no bubbles and he is so personable to deal with.

The following are a few of the results:

"A Walk on the Wild Side"


"To the Orient With Love"

You may contact me at any time with questions on the techniques at:

I am a firm believer that art is to be shared and the more of us that spread that creativity around and encourage others, the better our world will be.

In closing, I want to reference one last book that is a total gem...and fun to read.  It is Austin Kleon's "Steal Like an Artist (10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative".  It has been on the New York Times Bestseller List and every person desiring to be creative needs to read this.

You can now follow me on Pinterest, too...thanks to a wonderful woman I met at Gail Rieke's Valentine-athon I have joined the ranks of the 'rabbit hole'.  Thank you, Maggie, for telling me about it.  

Until next time...Gayle Montgomery bids all of you adieu!



 Because it is Valentine' Day I wanted to share a special event I attended on the 7th.

It was a Valentine-athon hosted by Gail Rieke and inspired me to make and post 59 handmade Valentine's.

Gail's home was filled with gifted, spirited, and uniquely creative women...each with their own take on Valentine's Day.  Gail has collected and created Valentine's for years...she has suitcases full and displayed them for all to enjoy.

Join me here with some photos of the event and followed my a few of my own Valentines.

Gail busy in Kitchen.

 The Queen of Hearts
(a.k.a. The Love Activist)

Anita, my table mate.

Maggie, a felter.

Sample of Maggie's felting.

Rhae's Valentine to Gail.

A table of talent.

One of several Valentine displays of Gail's.

One of my cards followed by a few more.

So, dear Valentine's wherever you are, start your own Valentine-athon next year.  That's my intent!!!

I close with a 'cheeky' take!

Back in March.


 February, 2015

At long last I have returned to present my blog again.  Also, my creativity has returned.  There was a period that I thought I had lost it.  Life presents us with many forks in the road and the last year and a half I have taken many different forks.

The following are some of the pieces that I have completed and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

(Two Views)

                                                             "Freedom of Flight"

There's more but I will wait until March to share those!

For more of my art please check my website at: 

Happy Valentine's Day!  Gayle


This month I will share with you 'bookarts' that I have completed but are not yet updated on my website.  In August I began two pieces which are still in process so I will not be able to share them with you at this time.

Life is more complete when we find our creative niche; so I hope I inspire you to find your place in the world of creativity.




My final offering is an experimental piece I did to 'honor' my days of reveling and rifling through the comic strips as a child.


In closing, I thank you for allowing me to share my artwork with you.  If you have any interest in a piece please contact me at: or call 575-758-7292.

Other works may be viewed on my website at


This month I completed a piece that had been placed on hold because I had not decided how to bring it to fruition.  

The piece was created to honor women past and present that had influence on my life.  I used their photo images and quotes to pay them my due respect.  At the suggestion of my friend, Lisa Brown, I also plan to do a book with the quotes that the individuals chose and their photos.  

The piece is called "Remarkable Women".  It began in conjunction with the Taos, New Mexico tribute to remarkable women.  I chose many women that I knew that seldom if ever have their names in the media but truly are the remarkable ones in my life.

My second piece is "Mother Nature's Journal" created from found objects.


Mother Nature's Journal


If interested in a piece, please call

My website is:

Another Day In Living Art On The Edge

July 3, 2013

Yes, yes, yes!  I have been creating and wish to share with you.  I have collected papers and assorted ephemera...even went to the yard and gathered detritus to create a piece for our Taos Artes DesCartes show in August.

I hope this is the beginning of a grand new blogging experience!

Next time I will share with you some of my book art.
Until we meet again!


It has been two years since my last post and now I am prepared to try again.  I never have given much thought to computers but now feel I must come out of 'The Dark Ages' and learn!  My art has always been my priority and I hope you will bear with me.

For now, my website is: and although the site is currently being rebuilt you can still view much of my art meanderings!